The Talent

For more information on any of our teachers or performers click on their photographs and check out their websites.


Prof Tabs

T a b r a   B a y

We are delighted to announce our headline act, Tabra Bay, hailing from Portland, USA. As a founding member of elite dance troupe, Datura, performer with Scarlet Thistle, Allegro Dance Company and co-director of Lucine Dance Company, Tabra is a well known and dynamic performer. Drawn inexplicably to movement and enticed by the task of unlocking the secrets it holds, Tabra has trained in ballet, contemporary, multiple bellydance styles including Tribal Fusion, American Cabaret and American Tribal Style, she is also a qualified yoga and pilates instructor with a great love of learning. Do not miss your opportunity to witness her performance at A Night of Mischief or study under her guidance with one of the three workshops she is offering exclusively to Carnivàle of Curiosity.



Prof Kush

K u s h   C a b a r e t 

Welcome to the irresistible world of Kush Cabaret. All the way from Sydney, this exciting side show quartet of musicians are here to provide the strange and inviting. This Gypsy Cabaret Band will be playing exclusively at A Night of Mischief and these curious darlings know how to play! Oh you like to play too? Make sure you book your tickets while you still can,




Prof Alice

A l i c e   K n o x

Alice is Australia’s first Datura style teacher, she has also studied extensively in other styles including Gypsy Caravan, ATS and traditional Egyptian bellydance. Alice won in the tribal section of the Belly Dance Evolution – Dark Side of the Crown Tour 2014 and she has performed in stage shows across Australia, New Zealand and the USA. A stunning dancer and teacher, do yourself a solid and do not miss her!




Prof Nina

N i n a   M a r t i n e z

Nina Martinez, founder and director of Gypsy Rain and a master teacher of Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance as founded by Paulette Rees-Denis. Nina can be found in her tropical studio, The Temple, where she passionately guides women to become ignited through dance and connect to their inner goddesses. We are bursting with excitement to have her here at Carnivàle of Curiosity for both workshops and performances.




prof cara

C a r a   G r i f f i n

Cara Griffin is a bellydance artist, choreographer and instructress. Cara is the director and principal of Scimitar Moon Dance School and a prominent soloist. Whilst specialising in Egyptian dance, Cara’s studies and interests reach to Lebanon, Turkey, India, Brazil, Cuba and Spain. Scimitar Moon honours the roots of bellydance with knowledge and respect for the ancient craft. Cara is renowned for her impeccable balance of tradition and innovation in the spirit of a fusion artist. Catch her workshops and performances while you can.



prof jordan

J o r d a n   G a l l i o t t  

Performer and festival director, Jordan is a bellydancer and instructor. She has studied in multiple bellydance disciplines including Tribal Fusion, Gypsy Caravan, American Tribal Style and Traditional Egyptian. She is also a student of yoga and contemporary dance with a love of technique and performance skills. Jordan has performed within Australia, Asia and the United States and is known for her engaging stage presence. Catch her charming new performance at A Night of Mischief!




prof movi

M o v i m i e n t o

Bernadette Ashley is the director at Movimiento and the most experienced Latin street dancer in Townsville. Bernadette has taught with La Fiesta and is a renowned champ in Cuban Salsa, Rueda de Casino & Bachata. Bernadette connects strongly with the music, movement, aesthetic & culture of Latin America and she is deeply invested in deepening the cultural and social diversity in F.N.Q. Catch her fiery team at the upcoming festivities!




prof stefi

S t e f i  K l e i n

This Venezuelan born spunk is our much loved art director at Carnivàle of Curiosity. Stefi’s work is eclectic, passionate and free-spirited, reflecting her quirky, vibrant and endlessly whimsical nature. Featuring interactive pieces, body art and jaw-dropping stage design. What an utter delight it is to have such a diverse and collaborative element within our loving little festival.