Workshop Descriptions

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LONGEVITY with Tabra Bay

Core strength for dancers. In this workshop we will introduce some of the main muscles need for a strong and stable body, specifically for belly dance. Starting with a mini lecture, discussing how these particular muscles play a major part in our day-to-day lives, as well as our Dance lives. We will then move right into application with the Pilates-based practice to activate and strengthen our core. As belly dancers we ask a lot of our bodies to be able to isolate and move in ways that can cause stress over time. With the exercises introduced in this workshop you will gain knowledge on how to prevent that sore lower back after practice; how and why your belly dance technique will increase; why you might be feeling pain and discomfort during exercise; and how to dance longer and stronger.

19th May. 9-11 at the Old Courthouse Theatre.

Open level. 2 hours.


DANCE CAFE with Tabra Bay

A smorgasbord of dance styles all bundled together for your dancing pleasure. In this workshop we have delectable combos that run heavy in one particular dance form. Get a taste of Ballet, Contemporary, Hip hop, and Jazz with individual combos. This is the place to dip your toes if your curious heart wants to wander.

19th May. 2.30-4.30 at That Place on Sturt.

Open level. 2 hours.


ATTITUDE with Tabra Bay

Learn a choreography a little on the odd side. This ones all about unusual lines and awkward shapes; full body extension and small unusual details. Set to a lovely tune, we’ll use the juxtaposition of a beautiful melody with uncommon movements to create dynamism and texture. Making a powerful and striking piece.

20th May. 10-12 at the Old Courthouse Theatre.

Open level. 2 hours.


DANCING THE DIVINE with Cara Griffin

Honouring the heart connection in your dance. Put those safety nets safely to the side and join Cara on this adventure to your more authentic dancing self. Using her knowledge in World Fusion Belly Dance, participants will explore a range of emotions to better understand how to tell your truth through your dance. We will also explore how colour, the chakra energy centres and sacred geometry can be used to enhance your Dance Super Powers!! Participants will not only walk away with a beautiful choreography to use or pick apart at their own leisure but also an expedition into a higher sense of themselves.

19th May. 9-11 at That Place on Sturt.

Open level. 2 hours.



Technique workshop. Slinky body movements and smooth flowing arms are two of the most distinctive elements of tribal fusion. Explore quality of movement and the technique used to create smooth flowing and slinky snake-like isolations, and play around with new arm pathways and interesting body isolations. *tailored for the festival to include Datura combinations for the Tribal Fusion junkie*

19th May. 12-2 at the Old Courthouse Theatre.

Intermediate. 2 hours.


BAD HABIT with Alice Knox

A challenging choreography that combines sharp locks, travelling combinations, fast spins and a blend of oriental and tribal technique. This is challenging tribal fusion suited to advanced dancers and adventurous intermediates.

19th May. 2.30-4.30 at the Old Courthouse Theatre.

Advanced. 2 hours.


MANTON MADNESS with Nina Martinez

The beauty and grace of the Spanish shawl, creates passion, inspires hearts. Incorporating elegant Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance steps you will fall in love with this beautiful workshop.

20th May. 10-12 at That Place on Sturt.

Open level. 2 hours.


INDIAN GYPSY with Nina Martinez

Mystery and joy, spice and colour fill this Indian inspired workshop! Devotional and playful fusion and Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance steps……made into Tribal combos for improvised dancing. Let your inner Gypsy loose!

19th May. 12-2 at That Place on Sturt.

Open level. 2 hours.


YOGA with Lighten Up

Lighten Up will be offering two yoga sessions of energising and restorative mat time respectively. Get your mind and body ready for the long and happy dancing days at the festival!

19th May 8-8.45 & 20th May 9-9.45 at the Old Courthouse Theatre.

Open level. 45 minutes.


STAGE MAKEUP TUTORIAL with Amanda Lissant-Clayton

Amanda is both a bellydancer and makeup artist with experience creating looks for theatre, photographs and film. As a performer herself she knows exactly what you need in order to enhance your features under stage lights to maximise your ability when it comes to conveying your dance story. Includes a free glass of champagne. Places very limited.

18th May 6 – 7.30pm at a private city location.

Book via email or private message.



Tabra Bay and Alice Knox will be available for 3x 1hour private lessons with a maximum of four participants during and around the festival. Please email us for more details or to snag a spot.


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